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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kranji Secondary School held its SYFiesta on 5th June 2009 at Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre, Theatre. SYFiesta is a public performance by Performing Arts at Kranji Secondary School. This year’s theme was Dream Oasis.

The event was in another sense a unity of the Kranjian family, with many of our alumni rejoining our current students. The performance was scheduled to start at 7.30 pm. It was performed in a “narrative story format”. The stage was the setting. Our Kranjians from the Performing Arts were the story.

Before the performance, Kranji Secondary School’s principal, Madam Maureen Lee, gave a short speech, thanking all each and every Kranji student and staff who helped to make the Fiesta a successful and memorable one. The Dream Oasis was indeed a dream come true especially for the many Kranjians who had toiled over weeks to make the night a beautiful one.

The first programme was a song called Song Da Ge (Farewell To My Beloved) sung by Kranji Choir. As the song concluded, it was greeted with rapturous applause from the audience.

Next, Kranji Symphonic Band presented Green Hill Fantasy. This piece was played during their Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Competition. Next up, it was our Kranji Choir who took centre stage. They presented a song called Take This Wings.

After the interval, Kranji Modern Dance performed a dance called Birds of Paradise, charming and encapsulating everyone with their synchronized and surreal dancing. The K-Production Drama Team then performed a brilliant skit called X-Country. As the play continued to take everyone’s breath away, Kranji Chinese Dance came up with a magnificent dance called Tian Lu, or Road to Heaven.

Last but not least, to end the night on a high, Kranji Symphonic Band put on a lovely and magnificent rendition of Gold Medley by ABBA.

With that, Kranji concluded the night by putting a lovely completion to this story of the Kranji dream, the Dream Oasis. The audience made their way out slightly before 9.30 pm. Everyone went home with wide smiles on their faces. Everything in Dream Oasis had given everyone a reason to dream sweetly that night. Sweet dreams are made of these.

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On 2nd June 2009, the second day of school holiday, Malay pupils of Kranji Secondary School had a 1-day camp organised for them by EDN Pte. Ltd.. They gathered at the parade square at about 8.30am. Thereafter, they were briefed about the camp they were about to participate in.

Camp tees were given out and everyone could feel the camp atmosphere especially when they threw on the tees.. After which, they were split into two groups. It was time now for the exciting programmes that had been lined up for the students to commence. The students had to partake in a variety of different programmes such as writing class, batik painting, “pidato” or public speaking, and drama.

In the composition writing, the students were taught how to craft and generate interesting storyline rather than simply using cliché ones. To add more thrill and exhilaration to the exercise, students had to compete against one another in thinking out of the box and create storylines with originality and ingenuity.

Over at the other end, the short batik painting session taught the pupils basic techniques on how to produce an exquisite piece of batik painting on a piece of silk cloth. Again, to spice up the whole batik making affair, students who managed to paint extraordinary paintings awarded.

The speech session on the other hand, taught students how to speak confidently in front of an audience. The teacher, Mr. Nazaruddin, was very hilarious and his comical and amusing humour was what made everyone enjoy the lesson. Later on, some students were invited to take to the front of the class and present certain topics.

Last but not least, the drama session taught pupils the basics of stage-acting. Instructed by Mr. Jamal, who is also a part-time actor, students were able to grasp the basic knowledge on stage-acting in no time under the guidance of Mr. Jamal. During the drama session, five students from each group presented a short skit. It was all very compelling and entertaining to say the least.

After all the conclusion of all the exciting programmes, the students gathered at the Spin Room for a debrief session and winners for the respective programmes received their hard-earned prizes during the debrief. Finally when the students were dismissed, wide smiles could be seen on all their faces. That eventful day had definitely justified their smiles.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Vice Principal Mr Yeo & Principal Mdm Lee.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sports Day 2009

On 8th April 2009, Kranjians were seen strolling into the Chua Chu Kang Stadium for their Annual Sports Day 2009, early in the morning. They were all dressed in their respective houses: Red Rhino, Yellow Kestrel, Purple Albatross, Green Jaguar, Blue Ibex and Grey Nighthawk. Everyone was feeling excited for the various events that were going to be held on that day. They were all determined to win for their houses.

“Albatross will win for sure!” exclaimed Affiah, a confident secondary one student from Albatross.

When it was time to assemble, they sat with their respective houses and house teachers. “Props” were distributed as the cheering were about to start. Some Rhinos even had their hair sprayed red! The cheer leaders from Albatross dressed themselves as angels. Their cheering proved that they have been working hard, rehearsing for this big day.

Since the students did not get their recess, buns and bottles of mineral water were distributed to them so that they would not feel that hungry while waiting for lunch time.

After settling down, the races started amongst the C girls, C boys, B girls and B boys – all from different houses. There was also a race amongst the various CCAs. Meanwhile, the rest of the spectators continued cheering. They even played the “Bomb” game. All of the runners were very nervous and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Winners were elated and contented with their achievement. On the other hand, those who failed to win did not feel overly dejected because they knew that they had tried their best and that is what that counts.

These events had been organised by the SSC members, working in collaboration with some teachers.

“Maybe we can have more ‘water stations’,” suggested a teacher. That was the improvement he wished to see in the next Sports Day.

The overall winning house for the year was Ibex. Congratulations Ibex! Everyone cheered for them as they received the House Cup. After all these events, the pupils were finally dismissed. All of them had smiles carved on their faces as they had enjoyed themselves. Even though not all of them managed to participate in the races, they managed to participate in the cheering.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Streams of colours overwhelmed the monotonous grey of the stands around Choa Chu Kang Stadium on 23rd March’09. Students donning blue, yellow, green, purple, grey and red skipped and sauntered into the stadium, eager and raring to go. War drums pounded loudly in their hearts. The great day once again approached. The day of Kranji Secondary School’s Sport Heat 1-cum- Mass Run.

With unwavering and indomitable determination, students gathered on the track, the battlefield of red and brown, their hearts set on the thought of achieving glory for their houses. No matter what. Students from the six houses had started arriving at the stadium as early as 2:45p.m even as the heats were at 3:00p.m.

This year each house had another advantage. Teachers were allowed to run. There was a catch though; their points to their respective houses would be doubled.

The war horn sounded with a loud and lasting beep. The mass run had kicked off. Students rushed to overtake each other. Round after round after round under the scorching heat of the sun. The great race seemed to last forever. Students raced to outdo, outrun, and outlast each other. The intensity among the competitors was searing.

Every last bit of energy was used up that day. Students crowded around the relief stations, red faced, tired, and proud.

I feel really happy that I was able to contribute to my house, ” panted Chu Jia Jun, 1A, “ I’m sure that Kestrel will win this year! ” he added.

I am here to support my house, ” breathed the red-faced Miss Adely Chen, “ it gives us all a sense of belonging, worth, and responsibility.

Teacher Mr Lim Gin Mia added, “ I am here to ensure that all my runners came. Besides that, I ran a total of 5 rounds!

Class 4D took advantage of the battle to sell drinks for their service learning project. A long queue snaked around their small booth. Grudges aside, sweaty faced students panted and waited to be served.

A smiling Camellia from 4D told Kranji Buzz zealously, “ We are selling drinks for charity. This event is voluntary but still many people turned up to help. The sale is going smoothly and I hope it stays this way.

Each kranjian gained a sense of belonging that day. They left the stadium tall and proud. Each elated to have contributed to the great battle. But all was not over. Somewhere in the distant future, the war drums sounded again… sports heat 2 was yet to come. The battle has only just begun.

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Chinese New Year - Kranji style!

Kranji’s Chinese New Year celebration is an event that cannot be forgotten. Celebrated on 23rd January 2009, the event started off with a lion dance performance by talented and professional lion dancers all the way from China! Dressed in colourful and striking lion costumes, they performed awesome stunts with obstacles. Members from the Media Enterprise Club were busy snapping away on their DSLRs to capture these beautiful moments.

There was also a classroom decoration competition which got many classes doing up their classrooms, all of them vying for the top 3 spots. This encourages teamwork as a class & many classroom look much more presentable after that. Well Done everyone! Keep up the good work! :DD Top 3 classes received prizes, & boy, do they look happy that all their efforts are not wasted!

Last but not least, was the Chinese New Year concert, an event that many Kranjians had been looking forward to! Organised by our very own student leaders, Naomi and Natalie, from Secondary 3. The concert included dance performance, mini “ project runway ”, and even songs sang by the parents support group. It was a great performance. A big round of appluse to the people who have made this concert a delightful one.

Everyone went home with big smiles carved their faces because they had a fun time celebrating Chinese New Year together with their teachers and peers as one big Kranji family – regardless of race, language or religion.

I bet you have fun too, didn't you? (:

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Dance Syf 15/4/09
Choir 16/4/09
Klomp! Collaborative Creative Expression Workshop @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic 25/5/09 - 27/5/09
Soccer C div National Champion League Sem 2

Tips ^^
Stress management
• Listen to music – not heavy metal because it will just make you more stressed.
• Go to relaxing places – like parks and beaches.
• Do what you enjoy doing – like your hobbies or going out for a movie.
• Talk to someone whom you trust - teachers, parent, counselors.

Good study tips
• Take down notes – the textbook does not provide you with all the information.
• Pay attention in class – do not daydream and refrain from getting distracted as you may miss important points.
• Do not do last minute revision - never burn midnight oil.
• Clear your doubts – got help from teachers, parents, internet, or even your peers.

Health tips
• Do not eat to mush fried foods – they can be consumed once in a while as a treat for yourself.
• Eat more fruits and vegetables – at least 2 servings each everyday.
• Have a balanced diet in every meal – eat in moderation.
• Drink lots of water – at least 2.5 liters of plain water each day.
• Exercise regularly – at least 3 times a week, 30minutes each time.

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